Thank you so much for your thoughtful response, and I 100% agree! I do think that the way Ginny and Molly are portrayed with respect to their interactions with Fleur is the result of internalized misogyny on JKR's part. And I wish that Cho's character had been given much better treatment! There's also some racial undertones with portraying her as weak and overly emotional/submissive, while portraying Ginny as "strong." Whether that was intentional or subconscious bias on JKR's part is debatable, but either way it doesn't sit well with me. I do think Harry would have been much better with Hermione or Luna--and I think Hermione would have been far happier with Harry than with Ron! Gabrielle Delacour would have been an interesting choice as well--and I love the Delacour family so I would have been equally happy with this pairing!

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